LexaTrade: Getting Into the Meat of an Honest Broker

Trading with LexaTrade: Accounts, Bonuses, Honest Reviews

Trading with LexaTrade is filled with many benefits. The broker offers a wide range of incentives, welcome bonuses, promotions, etc. New clients are especially showered with welcome bonuses as a means of getting them on board a unique trading experience. 

One of the most popular bonuses it offers is the Refer a Friend program. When an existing client successfully gets another trader to sign up to LexaTrade, clients are awarded up to 50% of the deposited amount of the new client. This bonus is regardless of the amount deposited. Any existing trader can sign up to participate in the program and receive incredible bonuses. 

The Reporting Season is the most profitable period in financial markets, and LexaTrade makes it a point to highlight this. It encourages its traders to participate in a program to maximize gains. LexaTrade lists the world’s biggest stocks, previous revenue, and forecasts. It also includes the date when the forecasted value is expected to happen so traders can prepare.

On the other hand, Market Devaluation is a specific time frame when LexaTrade offers particular assets to purchase at a lower price. In previous Market Devaluation, LexaTrade offered 1 Bitcoin to buy at $5,500 from its original market price of $11,000. You can also choose to buy a fraction of 1 BTC:

  • 0.5 Bitcoin costs $2,750;
  • 0.25 BTC you can buy at $1,375.

Knowing LexaTrade: Why Trade with This Broker?

Acquaintance with LexaTrade: Why You Should Trade with It?

LexaTrade is a multi-asset broker whose wide range of services and financial instruments established its reputation. It is a trading brand of Swissone Group Ltd. based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. It operates under the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) regulation, an independent regulatory body that oversees brokerage operations. LexaTrade complies with strict rules and standards set by the IFRMRRC for international brokers. 

When it comes to trading services, convenience is one of the most vital qualities of LexaTrade. All information you can find on LexaTrade official site: platforms, accounts, deposit, and withdrawal processes. A broker accepts major debit, credit cards, bank transfers, and electronic payment methods.

To ensure the security of their clients’ funds, LexaTrade implements strict payment procedures. The client’s depositing method must also be used when withdrawing funds to prevent financial theft. This is also a great security measure against online hackers who transfer client’s funds into their bank accounts and withdraw the money. Also, LexaTrade only partners with trusted international banking institutions when handling their corporate funds. 

LexaTrade imposes high-grade security measures across all its services. It ensures clients’ protection from cyber theft and market risks because they are very common in trading. Clients have also praised its safety and convenience, among all other qualities. LexaTrade has certainly made it big in the trading industry, so let’s find out what makes it a cut above the rest.

LexaTrade Services

One of the best services provided by LexaTrade is its trading platform, which was developed to incorporate unique features of the broker better. But other than that, LexaTrade also offers the MetaTrader4 and XCritical mobile app.

When it comes to accounts, LexaTrade provides all possible options for each client to find what they need. The broker offers five account types with clear differences. There is an account for a beginner, an intermediate, a professional, and an expert trader. A wide variety of options allows each trader to trade with ease and security.

Trading Accounts

As stated above, the LexaTrade website offers five account types to their clients. Thanks to several such options, the broker easily monitors the demographic situation among traders and their needs. Now we will delve deeper into the specifications of each account type and choose which is most fitting to each trader.

Start Account

With a minimum deposit of $250, any trader, beginning or expert, can access LexaTrade’s basic account. Main features of Start account:

  • Each trader receives a 30% welcome bonus;
  • Standard market spreads;
  • Withdrawal is at a standard priority;
  • There is also web platform training;
  • Free webinars for beginners. 

Using a Start account, you can trade in currency and cryptocurrency markets.

Silver Account

Choosing a Silver account, traders should make a minimum deposit of $3,000. A welcome bonus is 50%. With a Silver account, traders get:

  • standard spreads;
  • general financial analysis;
  • 30-minute personal account analysis. 

You can also access one trading technique provided by the broker and trading in commodity markets. You also have access to a training platform. Withdrawal remains a standard priority, and webinars are free.

Gold Account

According to LexaTrade forex brokers reviews, the gold account is a mid-tier and most recommendable option with a minimum deposit of $10,000. Although a bit pricey, it comes with unique perks. This account gives clients access to an introductory lesson to forex, web MT4, standard yield on investment portfolios, webinars on every major economic event, two trading techniques, and a one-time session with a VIP analyst. Also, LexaTrade forex broker gives:

  • limited access to stock markets;
  • participation in focus groups through invitation;
  • special offers from a broker;
  • earnings season trading at limited amounts.

The most significant advantages of gold accounts are reduced spreads and the possibility of passive earnings.

LexaTrade forex broker will give you a 70% welcome bonus and medium priority for withdrawals if you choose a gold account.

Platinum Account

Platinum account further escalates perks and advantages offered in the gold account. Making a minimum deposit of $50,000, it provides:

  • welcome bonus of up to 90%;
  • high priority for withdrawals;
  • low spreads. 

Using a platinum account from LexaTrade, you can enjoy a 2-hour account analysis per week. All of LexaTrade’s broker advanced techniques, standard passive income, the average yield on investment portfolios, half of the training courses on forex, invited participation in focus groups, and a desktop MT4. 

You also have free access to paid webinars, a once-a-week communication with a VIP analyst, full-time stock trading, special offers, and a customized portfolio for the earnings season. This account is especially curated for professional traders trading in four financial markets.

VIP Account

Undoubtedly, VIP is the best account among all that have been mentioned, but it does not come cheap. Traders can access it with a minimum deposit of $100,000. However, the advantages of a VIP account surely pay off. You get:

  • 120% welcome bonus;
  • highest priority for withdrawals;
  • VIP analyst for earnings season; 
  • customized schedule for account analyses with a financial analyst;
  • lowest spreads possible;
  • unlimited access to VIP techniques;
  • full course on trading academy accompanied by a diploma;
  • VIP trading instruments;
  • private webinars;
  • individual work with a VIP analyst;
  • special offers. 

You are also given higher yields on investment portfolios, privileged passive income, priority participation in focus groups, invitations to investor conferences. LexaTrade also opens the opportunity to trade:

  • currencies;
  • commodities;
  • cryptocurrencies;
  • stock assets.

Analyzing different LexaTrade broker reviews, it is clear that a VIP account is most recommended for expert traders with years of experience in the Forex market.

LexaTrade Trading Platforms

Wondering whether Lexatrade scammers or not, let’s analyze its services and development level. When it comes to platforms, broker LexaTrade ensures clients enough options to choose from. This is why aside from MetaTrader4 and XCritical, they’ve also developed a platform to embody important qualities and characteristics.


LexaTrade’s MT4 web terminal is a safe, secure trading platform that uses advanced technology and high-quality terminal work. It is compatible with any browser and can combine various commercial operations. It also provides listing charts that can be customized according to shifting time ranges. MT4 platform is a classic choice, especially for Forex trading, and has been trusted by expert traders since it was released in 2005.

XCritical mobile app

XCritical is a convenient alternative to desktop and web platforms. Its portability allows clients to trade anytime and anywhere without hassle. You can open positions, check your account, execute trades without delay. It is an innovative approach to trading in a busy, hectic world. Using XCritical mobile app, you can set stop loss, take profit levels, track the movement of various assets’ quotes, know currency forecasts, and check your account balance at any time.

LexaTrade web platform

LexaTrade broker’s platform comes with high speed, functionality, profitability. It is a convenient platform that has a user-friendly interface and great terminals, making way for profitable trading with minimal risks. It is equipped with over 170 trading instruments, various tools, and timely risk management that provide a quality trading experience overall. So, investment in creating its platform demonstrates broker development and rejects that LexaTrade scam.

Trading Tools & Materials

Forex broker LexaTrade provides at least five necessary trading tools and research materials, the most important ones that either make or break a trade. Investors need these tools and materials every day since they hold key information about potential results of their executed trades.

Economic Calendar

This lists all the significant financial, political, and economic global events that directly impact the Forex market. This information plays a huge role in the status of different assets, such as USD, global stocks, or even oil. It lets traders reevaluate the factors that may affect their trades before opening a position or executing one. Some of the events listed here are:

  • U.S. Fed rates;
  • central bank fiscal policies;
  • dollar movement.

Economic News

Daily Market News are financial reports that thoroughly assess the impact of global events on the financial markets. It provides explanations to forex movements, IPO announcements, currency forecasts. U.S. dollar and political events in the United States are only some of the regular topics in economic news.

Education Center

On the LexaTrade website you can find a Learning Center. It is divided into webinars, trading courses, and a reviewer/questionnaire. These materials gear towards beginning traders who are still in the process of acquiring decent knowledge about trading. Webinars and trading courses help a lot with that. On the other hand, reviewers and questionnaires are designed for beginners and professionals to refresh their acquired knowledge and ensure that they don’t forget anything. All materials are available after registration, so you can ensure that reviews like “LexaTrade courses scam” are not true.

Financial Markets Supported by LexaTrade

LexaTrade official site provides a brief overview of every financial market, prioritizing currencies, commodities, and indices/shares. These are some of the most widely-traded markets by investors worldwide. LexaTrade ensures that their clients have sufficient knowledge about them before they begin trading.

Foreign Exchange

Currency markets are the subject of every daily news report on trading. With a special focus on USD, the Forex market plays a huge role in the economic and financial status of the biggest countries. Trading foreign exchange with LexaTrade lets you enjoy:

  • low spreads;
  • leverage from 1:100 to 1:400;
  • swap-free accounts;
  • trading without commissions.

LexaTrade’s multilingual support team is also there every step of the way. They are available 24/5. You can contact them via phone, chat, or email. Forex trading hours are SUN 22:00 – FRI 22:00 GMT.


Commodities are viewed as steady, long-term, highly profitable investments. It is also a great way of diversifying your portfolio. Commodities being long-term investments means that they must be carefully decided. Broker LexaTrade ensures that its 24-hour client service team provides the best support to traders. Trading in commodities markets subjects you to high volatility, an excellent investment opportunity. You can choose which assets to trade, including the biggest and most popular ones. For example, you can invest in U.S. crude oil, Brent oil, spot gold, or silver. LexaTrade also provides trading signals for each of your trades.


With LexaTrade, you can invest in wildly popular stocks like Amazon, Google, Boeing, Apple, Microsoft and indices like NAS100, EUR50, JPN225, USA30. These markets are increasing in popularity, which makes now a great time to begin investing in it. LexaTrade offers ultra-tight spreads, risk diversification, and the opportunity to invest in global markets. Note that trading a stock index reduces your risk compared to trading individual stock. 

LexaTrade offers high-quality services to a wide range of clients. These are the reasons why LexaTrade has earned the trust of its global customers. Many clients have expressed how LexaTrade has helped them build their trading careers and increase their profits. LexaTrade Forex brokers reviews are all over the Internet as proof of broker’s reliability and professionalism.

Real LexaTrade Clients Reviews

Being a global broker, LexaTrade has earned the praises of its clients and the ire of its detractors. It is a common topic in various broker reviews. Many critics have praised this broker for several reasons, while a select few spread libelous claims to destroy its reputation.

TrustPilot, one of the most reliable reviewers on the web, rates LexaTrade 4 out of 5 stars. Approximately 95% of all client reviews on this website are positive. The remaining few were negative ones with an obvious goal, which is smearing LexaTrade’s reputation. Other negative reviews listed on TrustPilot also detailed circumstances that unfortunately happen in markets but do not fall under broker’s control. 

A client of LexaTrade who goes by the name Jakob said this of the broker on TrustPilot’s review site, accompanied with a 5-star (★★★★★) rating:

“I’m happy with the work of the company. There are a lot of training materials, strategies, and a clear interface. I wish all newcomers good luck and patience!”

Oliver Peterson, France (★★★★★)

“Brokers are, in essence, a lottery. Some are honest; others may cheat. I was really lucky. Trading was easy from the start; registration was quick. They told me how to work on the platform. There is really nothing complicated. The interface is simple; the website has many useful functions.”

Miroslaw Marek, Poland (★★★★☆)

“Good company. Transparent trading conditions and a convenient platform. The website is available in a mobile version, which is also very convenient.”

Beverly Jefferson, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands (★★★★★)

“This company has been a great help as it is the best option for those with no spare time, and the important thing is that it is safe and super reliable.”

Roger Rose, United States (★★★★★)

“This broker is suitable for those who don’t have enough free time to deal with forex trading. They have auto trading, and you can choose a pre-made trading strategy from the list. It is also possible to copy a professional account. Your own broker’s terminal has many features to facilitate your trading in the market.”

Samuel Aldridge, Anguilla (★★★★★)

“I trade without any problems or additional fees. They offer a very large selection of trading instruments and advisers. Investors with various needs and opportunities will find something for themselves here.”

Dmitry Dubrov, United States (★★★★★)

“This company deserves its position in the market. For many years, it has appeared in rankings of forex brokers. I get bonuses. If you have an open account on the website, you can always count on them. What I like the most is the speed of deposits and withdrawals.”

These reviews prove that clients widely trust LexaTrade. It is praised for various reasons–from trading platforms to payment methods and its profitability. It is acquiring more and more clients as it continues to improve on the best services it could offer.

How Real is Negative Feedback on LexaTrade?

Negative LexaTrade reviews vary for a number of reasons. Some are legitimate issues and concerns, while others were scammed by LexaTrade — false claims crafted by competing companies. There will always appear negative reviews about every broker, even the most trusted ones. This is a simple fact in the trading industry, where competition can sometimes be cutthroat. Below is an analysis of some negative reviews hurled towards LexaTrade. 

Dorothy, anonymous location (★☆☆☆☆)

“How can you earn for two years if from April to July 2020 I lost $1250 with LexaTrade.”

The review above is an example of a false claim because it links the broker to a common circumstance in trading and does not fall under the broker’s control. Market risks are one of the most important things that any trader must fully understand from the onset. The phrase you could lose more money than you began with is embedded in every risk disclaimer, and every trader should be aware of this before trading. A client losing his funds from trading due to market circumstances is not a legitimate grounds to blame — LexaTrade cheating.

Edward Urbanek, anonymous location (★☆☆☆☆)

“Do not be fooled by the Ukrainian mafia.”

Reviews like these are nothing but slanderous claims. It contains no legitimate grounds or even constructive criticism about brokers. It plainly claims that this broker is something else without any proof. Baseless accusations like these are examples of libelous claims executed by competitors to smear another broker’s reputation. 

While there are also legitimate negative reviews about other brokers, it is important to discern which ones are legitimate and are coming from actual clients. The trading industry is a tight, competitive area where brokers fight against one another. Identifying which reviews are true is also a skill that any aspiring trader must acquire.

Conclusion on LexaTrade Broker Work

Final question would probably be: is LexaTrade scam or trustworthy broker? According to 95% of client reviews, you can trust this broker. It has been applauded for its quality services by clients in all parts of the world. Also, according to LexaTrade rezension, considering its features, availability, convenience, and reputation, it is definitely recommendable to trade with. LexaTrade is one of the up-and-coming brokers that will rise in the ranks in the next few years. Trading with it is recommended for every trader.

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